Previously a racetrack for motorbike, car and truck enthusiasts, EMS was contracted to remediate the area into usable land for a future suburb. The scope of works included the use of excavators, dump trucks, bobcats and certified labour.

The land was pre-tested by a geotechnical company with the contaminated areas identified. By ways of excavation, carting and stockpiling, the contaminated material was removed to a treatment area for further processing. Contaminated materials such as asbestos were dispatched to licensed landfills, while reusable materials were both dispatched to recycling companies and reused onsite by the civil contractor. This provided our client with a huge cost saving in disposal fees.

Over 4,500 tonnes of asbestos impacted soil was processed under the NEPM Guidelines for the beneficial reuse into the bulk earthworks cycle. All works were conducted to Local Government, Workcover and EPA legislation. On completion of the remediation, the nominated area was given a clearance certificate by the geotechnical company.


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Excavation, Stockpiling and Remediation of Asbestos Impacted Material


Greenfields Development Pty Ltd


Oran Park Town